MPA is a Patent agency dedicated to ensuring the protection of your intellectual property with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) by preparing and prosecuting patents in the US, and through the PCT process in the rest of the world.


With over 65 issued/allowed Utility patents, our clients range from single inventors to small corporations, Startups to Established.

Besides being a Patent Agent, I am an Electrical Engineer (and a named inventor in 14 US patents as well as various in other countries),
(see more about my Vitae here) with an MS in Systems Engineering. I have participated in enough electro-optic and mechanical products to be very confident in my ability to understand inventors in most of the electrical, mechanical, software, hardware, medical and business arts. I am completely fluent in Spanish, so I can do the above in two languages!

In addition, I spent years as an engineer legally "getting around" other's patents (you do this by carefully examining their claims language and making sure you don't perform functions exactly the same way). So when I draft claims, I do it having experience on both sides of the table.


In short, I've been there, done that, and can compare T-shirts with you, whether your experience is as a VC-funded startup, bootstrap, a growing small company or a large Corporation.

If you want to talk about the patent process, and how best to protect your idea, give me a call or shoot me an e-mail, the initial consultation is free. For more FAQ, see our FAQ section.


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Concept (below left) and Prototype (below)  Automated Parcel Loader

8,122,539 Portable electronic Amsler Test

8,047,652 Portable electronic Amsler Test

8,018,116 Electric Motor of Parallel Cycles

7,997,448 Universal Beverage Dispenser

7,955,251 Magnetic Therapeutic Male Device

7,874,778 Insulated support for electric conductors, finger grip, and method of making same

7,797,888 Pre-fabricated storm shelter

7,631,352 Link2File automated computer location and linking system 

7,627,994 Quick anchor (Universal Pole and Post Anchoring System)

7,570,438 Optical apparatus with off-axis direction-of-view

7,467,718 Combination strainer and service bowl

8,137,257 Magnetic therapeutic device and method of using the same

8,174,588 Stereo Video Microscope

8,217,248 Ligature

8,238,949 International Text Bridging System

8,245,449 Compressed Fluid Building Structures

8,251,626 Bolt and receiver for...

8,254,550 Method and apparatus for the management of outgoing calls

Concept (above) and Prototype (Right) of an automated parcel loader.

8,303,226 Insulated suport for electric conductors...

8,358,758 Familiarization and Augmentation...

8,360,333 HD Barcode...

8,381,326 Steam bath and...

8,487,504 Dynamically induced and reactive...
8,632,542 Bone Distraction System...
8,669,499 Flute Stopper...
8,669,499 Flute Stopper...
8,690,600 Electronic device shield and connector case.
8,691,299 Ingestible insect repellent composition and system.
 8,695,117 Skydiving garment with enhanced aerodynamic control  
 8,721,509 Tiltable Multipurpose exercise apparatus  
 8,722,413 Biodiesel Automatic Tritration System  
 8,776,265 Infant Swaddling System and Method  
 8,756,248 RAID Mobile Entity Data Aggregation  
 8,777,819 Boxing Training System  
 8,829,616 Water Tower Complex 
 8,839,963 Baffle Chamber Draining Valve  
 8,853,727 LED Cable and Heatsink  
 8,858,146 Insulated Support  
 8,8860,060 Cable  
 D718,081 Grill 
8,863,695 Cubra Avian Shelter  
8,866,053 Permanent Magnet Induction Heater  
8,899,118 Multi Channel Aspiration  
8,953,766 FAST Dialer  
8,999,166 Tank Access Hatch and Cleaning Method  
9,010,312 EZ Grill  
9,011,063 Insulated Clip  
9,014,920 Child in Distress (CID) Car Alarm  
9,038,638 Infant Protection Assembly  
D731,991 Magnet

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9,107,789 Invalid Toilet Safety Sling
9,120,611Flexible Fluid Storage Tank
9,156,589 Manually Activated Reconstituting Container
9,240,538 LED Spirit System and...
9,297,639 Mechanism for movement of a Mirror and... 
D756,612 Hood for personal privacy 
9,357,788 Automatic Rotary Machine for the... 
9,360,493 Multi-channel aspirating... 
9,437,059 Gatekeeper Lock System...